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  •   Basic Spill Response

    Spill response can be a confusing, dangerous and costly if you are not prepared.

    We offer a customized course designed to meet regulatory and industry standard specifications. Referencing the Occupational Health and Safety Act including WHMIS legislation, The Ontario Fire Code, The Environmental Protection Act including Reg. 347, CSAZ731 Emergency Planning Standards, and NFPA472 the standard for responding to hazardous material releases.

    This course will be designed to provide topic specific training after consultation with the customer to apply their equipment, policies, and concerns.

    Each course will be tailored to the equipment and capabilities of your responders.

    We can help develop procedures from the start or work with an established plan.

    Our trainers are professional emergency responders with a minimum of 10 years emergency response experience and have an in depth knowledge of hazardous materials response techniques and training.

    No site is too small or too large. Our current spill response clientele ranges from small industrial businesses to large chemical companies.

    Courses will range from 8 hour customized (theory and practical) hands on course, to an on going 4 hour component based series of courses done over a season.