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  •   First Aid

    We offer comprehensive WSIB recognized courses that teach First Aid & CPR skills and knowledge, so the rescuer can deal with a wide variety of life threatening situations.

    The two main courses that employers need to meet WSIB requirements are Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid. In recent years the advances in cardiac emergency care has introduced the defibrillator into the hands of the first responder. Both of these courses include certification in using defibrillator and are taught to the CPR level "C" standard.

    The CPR level "C" course can be delivered as a stand alone course to qualify the use of a defibrillator.

    The Emergency First Aid course includes the contents of CPR level "C" course and covers the skills required to resolve additional emergencies involving gross bleeds, choking, rescue breathing as well as CPR on adults, infants and children.

    The Standard First Aid program includes the full content of the Emergency First Aid course and additional skills to equip the individual to handle more sudden medical emergencies such as seizures, cuts, breaks, burns and much more.

    All courses are valid for a period of three years and we will train on site.

    All materials are included in the course fee.

    We use only the highest quality training aids and equipment.