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  •   Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)

    A light-hearted approach to the subject using an easy to follow overhead presentation and student handout. Experienced instructors will guide students through this course.

    This training will give the student all of the employer objectives of:

    • What is WHMIS
    • Who has responsibility for WHMIS
    • What training do you need
    • How hazardous chemicals can enter your body and their effects
    • What common terms and symbols are used to describe chemical hazards
    • What an M.S.D.S. is and how to use it
    • What are supplier and workplace labels
    • How to read and develop supplier and workplace hazard labels
    • Everyday consumer labels

    If required we can address any or all MSDS's that are on site and offer further information on any products that are a concern.

    (typically a 4-hour program)

  •   Ontario Regulation 347 /
    Transportation of Hazardous Waste

    This program provides instruction on Reg. 347, Ontario's Hazardous Waste Management Program. Information on responsibilities of each party involved in the generating, transport and disposal of hazardous waste is delivered. Additionally, the classification of waste and the required paper trail are discussed.

    (typically a 4-hour program)

  •   Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

    This course meets all requirements under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations and ensures that anyone who offers for shipment, handles or transports dangerous goods are aware of the requirements that must be followed. The TDG training will be tailored to the specific activities of the customer and include a basic understanding of the core material as required by the legislation.

    Certificates are generated on behalf of the employer to properly comply with requirements. All you have to do is sign the cards.

    (typically a 4-hour program)

  •   Fall Arrest

    This Fall Arrest Protection program has been designed not only for the end user but is an effective educational tool for Management, Supervisors, Employers and Foreman.

    This program will ensure that participants will have a good understanding of their responsibilities for due diligence and compliance.

    Students will be required to participate in practical teaching environment along with classroom theory.

    The program is designed to reach a variety of learning styles in a fun laid back but professional atmosphere.

    Upon successful completion of this program, the participants will receive a wall certificate and a wallet card. These certificates will be valid for three years from date of issue.

    The course content:

    • An overview of the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act is covered to identify the relevant parts of the legislation. Definitions for due diligence and competent person are addressed and fines for non-compliance are defined.
    • Individual components for fall protection systems are usually site specific and familiar to the attendees; however through consultation with the customer we can review any equipment and procedures that are part of their workplace and incorporate them into our program.
    • We can cover fall arrest systems in general or train specifically on systems such as belay controlled descent systems, retractable lifelines or vertical and horizontal lifelines. We will address the maintenance of these systems and how to set up an Inspection Log.
    • Some Fall Arrest System Components that attendees will get an opportunity to work with during the training are slings & lanyards, D-ring harnesses, rope grabs, carabineers, tie offs and ladders
    • Practical evolutions will ensure that the participants will have hands on experience to be able to execute fall arrest systems in the field.

  •   Confined Space Entry, Attendant, & Rescue

    Confined Space Entry or CSE is one of the biggest challenges within industry today. A larger number of injuries and deaths are caused by unsafe CSE practices within the work place each year.

    At Boudewyn Consulting we understand that safe CSE work practices must be performed. We know the challenges that workers as well as business owners face and offer viable solutions to over come such obstacles.

    Our training is fully customized and will address the concerns of the workers and business owners, allowing for safe productive work practices where all parties involved can achieve their objectives.

    Training will be completed on site at your place of business and can be done using your equipment or ours. All aspects of CSE will be addressed, including current government regulations to the actual confined space entry itself.

    Depending on the level of training you require, we can offer training from Basic Awareness Training through to full scale CSE Rescue Training. Courses will be tailored to your needs and the goals that you set within your business.

    Training will be completed with a professional from our team, making sure that all learning objectives are met within the appropriate time frame.

    Our combination of theory and practical training will address all types of students at any level.

    The key to our training is our instructors, which have a background in Emergency Response, Industrial CSE Entry, and Adult Education.

    Their first hand experience and knowledge of confined spaces makes for realistic training which also allows them to be able to assess/review student performance while focusing on the areas that may need improvement.

    Contact us today to discuss your options in CSE Training, and let us help you achieve your goals of a Safe Productive Work Place.