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  •   Fire Drill Audit

    According to the Ontario Fire Code, buildings with fire alarms must have an evacuation drill at least once per year. We will audit your drill and evaluate the response providing a documented account for your records.

    Your evaluator will be a professional firefighter documenting the drill from the ground floor in coordination with your supervisory staff.

    The evaluator will be on site one half hour before the drill to ensure all notifications have been made and the building staff are aware of their duties during the event.

    The drill will be timed and any significant benchmarks will be noted in a chronological list in the evaluation report.

    The report will include a summation of observations and critiques that can be used to evaluate your occupant's response.

    The evaluator will be available after the drill to debrief the Fire Wardens and get their feedback.

    The evaluator will verbally give their impression of your evacuation at the conclusion of the drill.

    Included in the report will be information that the Fire Wardens can use to better understand their role in an evacuation.

    Our instructors have well over 10,000 hours of emergency response experience each and have conducted drills for over 200 different properties in the downtown core and around the GTA.

  •   Fire Plan Development

    Most industries require some sort of emergency planning. Some are mandated under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act to produce environmental spill plans; others are required by the Fire Code of Ontario depending on their occupancy type. In recent years the insurance industry has been pushing properties that don't even require a plan to produce one anyways to deal with other emergencies such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and evacuations.

    Whether your needs are Fire, Evacuation or Environmental Disaster Plan development, our team members have the skills and experience to put together a comprehensive plan that will meet the Ontario Fire Code and CSAZ731 standards.

    We have been working with emergency plans for over 20 years now and know that not all plans are created equal. A thick binder full of paper doesn't necessarily mean you have a good plan. Our plan developers are former fire prevention officers, professional fire fighters and hazardous material technicians. Which means the person that is creating your plan was the person that used it or approved it.

    Please contact us for a quote.

  •   Fire Code Deficiency Reports

    Prior to municipal fire prevention coming to inspect your place of business, we can tour your facility and point out any fire code deficiencies that would need to be addressed. This would give you a better idea of what to prioritize when budgeting that next big project.

    If you have a "Notice of Violation" we can help you resolve the issue by discussing on your behalf with the Fire Prevention Officer that issued the notice exactly what would be required to satisfy their interpretation of the Code.