About Us


Boudewyn Training & Consulting offers assistance in emergency preparedness. Our training is conducted at your premises and caters to your specific needs. We specialize with customizing each course to reflect the uniqueness of your site. Every course is developed taking into consideration those who will be attending and the demands of the topics being delivered. This assures the course content will reflect the experience of the attendees and the delivery of accurate information.

We can consult with your company to assure that you are achieving the expectations laid out in the documents that govern your industry or workplace. Some of the topics we cover are Fire Plan, Occupant Fire Safety, Fire Warden, WHMIS, Emergency Response Training, Regulatory Compliance, First Aid, Confined Space, Hazardous Materials and more.

Please take some time to browse through our site and become familiar with what our company does and the many ways that we can respond to your training and consulting needs.

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